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About Us

Agressive Marketing

Our unmatched aggressive marketing plan is our most significant advantage. In addition to our commanding search engine presence, we advertise in all local major newspapers. Furthermore, our internet advertising which includes over 100 major sites is updated daily.
This, in conjunction with our portfolio of properties gives us an edge over competitors.

Property Inspections

We inspect the homes before the tenant takes occupancy, when they vacate, and we contract inspections quarterly, or as needed.
These inspections include damage assessment, preventable maintenance, including plumbing, electrical and overall status of your property. Inspections include a detailed report with photographs of every room in the unit.


If property repairs are needed, we have an in-house maintenance man available to quickly provide needed repairs at discounted prices.
Additionally, the maintenance man can evaluate situations, make recommendations and if needed we will contact appropriate professionals for the best prices.
In addition, we oversee the progress and make sure the work is done right and completed in a reasonable time frame.