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Tenant Qualification Requirements

No Evictions – We do a nationwide eviction search and if there is an eviction on the applicants’ background check within the last 10 years. They will not qualify for the property.

Criminal Background – We do a nationwide criminal background search. No violent crimes or drug related felonies, (sale, manufacture, delivery, or possession with intent to sell) crimes against children, crimes against landlords or rental properties, convictions or pleas to any crime involving theft, vandalizing properties, or otherwise damaging properties, and arson convictions or pleas. No felonies committed in the last 10 years and no imprisonment for a felony within the last 5 years.

Income – Applicants must have a combined documentable gross income of 2.5 times the monthly rental payment.  Acceptable forms of documentation are your work pay stubs for the previous three months or your personal bank account statements for the previous three months. In some cases, the last two years personal tax returns may be used if self-employed.  If gross household income of 2.5 times the monthly rental payment cannot be proven, we will be unable to qualify the Applicant.

Minimum Credit Score – Applicants with combined gross income meeting the income requirements of the specific property they wish to rent must all also have a minimum credit score of 650. (No credit is considered a ZERO score). If your credit does not meet the minimum threshold, we may be unable to rent to you. In some cases, a waiver may be granted, and an additional security deposit may be required.

Rental Verification – Applicants must all have at least 12 months verifiable rental history.  We will call current landlord and previous landlord to verify the information written on application. Applicants must not have an outstanding balance with a previous landlord.  Applicants must also be reported to have “taken good care of the property”. Lack of rental history, breaking a lease will disqualify an applicant.

If income and employment requirements above are not met, the applicant must have a cosigner and additional deposit money will be required.